Welcome to the E-WinS project’s website

Funded by the Sport action of the Erasmus+ programme, the project “European Women in Sport – For an adaptive governance of women’s sports practices” (E-WinS) aims to promote and accelerate the feminization of Sport in European cultures through developing awareness and understanding on the specific problematics women encounter in their sport careers. It means to bring more visibility to women athletes in Europe and to help improve their role and impact in sport governance. 

On this website, you will find more information on the specific actions of the E-WinS project, as well as on the partners participating in the project.

Recent News


Marie-Stéphanie Abouna, scientific coordinator of the project ceased the wonderful opportunity to present and discuss the potential of the @EWinSProject during the International Congress hosted by Montpellier on the stakes surrounding the upcoming olympics. Great feedback from the crowd for a project that brings to light all that women in sports can and are achieving!

Call for papers – The challenges of feminisation of football and other ball sports: Issues, good practices and new representations

International transdisciplinary / interdisciplinary congress from 7 to 9 June 2023 In 2019, the Football World Cup revealed to the general public a sport officially practised by women since 1917: football. Sweeping aside prejudices and sexist remarks, the women’s teams were supported, respected, and they brilliantly defended the equality between women and men registered in…

E-WinS’ first look at the final conclusions on best practices of European women in sport

The first main action of the E-WinS project was a survey sent out to gather feedback and good practices from the field in all partner countries (France, United Kingdom, Finland, Poland, Spain, and Bulgaria). The online survey was completed by 1,129 adults (approximately 77% female), 51% of whom were footballers, 24% coaches, 11% leaders/managers, 8% administrators, and 6% ‘other’ (mainly…