International transdisciplinary/indisciplinary congress

The aim of this conference is to update and renew our understanding of women’s football and other ball sports.

The aim is to analyse the issues at stake in terms of good practice and to observe the new representations that they give rise to. Beyond the obstacles and constraints that weigh on women footballers, or even ball sportswomen, the actions and experiences that allow them to develop will be defined and commented on.

Both multidisciplinary and indisciplinary, this conference brings together researchers from various backgrounds as well as experts and professionals working in the field of women’s sports, including football. The aim is to change the focus and emphasise what works and what can be implemented in the long term.

Conference hosts

CY Cergy Paris Université
Reserach Labs:

  • UMR 9022 – CNRS Héritages: Patrimoine/s, Culture/s, Création/s
  • UMR 8184 THEMA

EWinS project Consortium ( : CY Cergy Paris Université and CY ILEPS (France), Staffordshire University (England), AWF- University of Physical Education in Krakow (Poland), UCAM Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia (Spain), KS Pradinczanka (Poland), FC Hertta (Finland), Little Miss Soccer (France), NSA National Sports Academy (Bulgaria)


Organisation Committee:
Marie-Stéphanie Abouna; Sylvie Brodziak; Mélina Boetti; Anais Burghart-Roessle; Anne Guilbault, Gilles Lecocq; Stefania Marcassa; Narjiss Mekaoui; Addi Mireles Puga; Alessandra Palermo; Candice Prevost; Mame-Fatou Séne.

Scientific committee:
Marie-Stéphanie Abouna (France); Rafa Akoum (France); Alejandro Aleiva (Spain); Boryana Angelova-Igova (Bulgaria); Alexander Blackett (England); Sylvie Brodziak (France); Álvaro Díaz Aroca (Spain); Jacky Forsyth (England); Oumaya Hidri Neys (France); Pierre-Alban Lebecq (France); Gilles Lecocq (France); Julien Longhi (France); Stefania Marcassa (France); Narjiss Mekaoui (France); Korneliya Naydenova (Bulgaria); Alessandra Palermo (France); Tomasz Palka (Poland); Fatia Terfous (France); Magdalena Żmuda-Pałka (Poland).

Practical information

DATE : From June 7 to 9.


How to come to Cergy ? Download the guidelines.

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