E-WinS’ first look at the final conclusions on best practices of European women in sport

The first main action of the E-WinS project was a survey sent out to gather feedback and good practices from the field in all partner countries (France, United Kingdom, Finland, Poland, Spain, and Bulgaria).

The online survey was completed by 1,129 adults (approximately 77% female), 51% of whom were footballers, 24% coaches, 11% leaders/managers, 8% administrators, and 6% ‘other’ (mainly support staff and officials).

Following the surveys, focus groups and interviews were carried out with a subset of 61 individuals (49 women, 12 men), 27 of whom were footballers, 17 coaches, 11 managers, 5 administrators and there was 1 line official.

The conclusions of this report are finalized and here you can find the first glance of the results –Executive summary– that will be soon available in full version. You can also find more information about the results on the E-WinS LinkedIn and Twitter.

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Contact for the results of this report: 

Jacky J. Forsyth, Staffordshire University, associate professor of exercise physiology and Leader of the Work Package 2 –Report on best practices (J.J.Forsyth@staffs.ac.uk; +44 1782 294057)

Marie-Stéphanie Abouna, CY ILEPS, scientific coordinator (ms.abouna@ileps.fr; 01 30 75 60 49) 

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