E-WinS’ activities starting off with great feedback from the field

The first main action of the E-WinS project is a survey sent out in all partner countries to gather feedback and good practices from the field. 

This survey was available in all 6 partner languages (English, French, Spanish, Polish, Finish, Bulgarian) and disseminated through each partner’s networks on a local, regional and national level. 

We received 1 129 answers in total, so 306 answers from France, 236 from the United Kingdom, 204 from Finland, 155 from Poland, 127 from Spain and 101 from Bulgaria. It included answers from 70% of women, 30% of men, <1% non-binary and <1% preferred not to say. 

The feedback came mostly from athletes, coaches, managers and directors, administrative staff and other people like medical staff, referees or sport advisors. 

You will find in the graphic below the percentage of answers for each category in each partner country and in total. 

The E-WinS project thanks all the sport actors who took some of their time to complete the survey and share their opinion and good practices on how to foster equality in football. 

The survey covered various topics, including women’s performance, communication, economic aspects, access to resources, menstrual cycle education and family life. 

The answers are currently being analysed and they will be shared in the first deliverable of the project, our report on best practices, which will be shared widely in the E-WinS network. The report will be the basis for our further work. 

Some interesting aspects can already be seen in the answers though and can be interesting to bring forward. 

Indeed, should women’s football team integrate with men’s team? See debate in https://doi.org/10.1080/19406940.2021.1903967   

Differences in our survey were apparent between countries. 

We also received some positive thoughts about equality on media coverage in women’s football from our E-WinS survey respondents. 

Likert responses regarding the extent to which survey respondents felt their club ensured equality regarding media coverage, from ‘not at all equal’ or ‘1’ to ‘extremely equal’ or ‘5

We also noted that we need more education on how menstrual cycle affects women’ s football performance and training.  

Likert responses regarding the extent to which survey respondents felt that education was provided about the menstrual cycle at their current club, from ‘not at all provided’ or ‘1’ to ‘extensively provided’ or ‘5’ 

You can also find all these information on the E-WinS LinkedIn and Twitter. Follow us to get all the news! 

The work of the E-WinS project is just starting, so please look forward to the next steps of the project! 


Balkis Lefebvre, CY Cergy Paris University, project manager (balkis.lefebvre@cyu.fr; 01 34 25 71 38) 

Marie-Stéphanie Abouna, CY ILEPS, scientific coordinator (ms.abouna@ileps.fr; 01 30 75 60 49) 

Jacky J. Forsyth, Staffordshire University, associate professor of exercise physiology and Leader of the Work Package 2 –Report on best practices (J.J.Forsyth@staffs.ac.uk; +44 1782 294057) 

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